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How beautiful can the History of Jazz sound TODAY?

Well, like this!

The Sigrun Jording Ensemble breathes history. However the word history points here more to the sound of the Quartet than to melodic lines.
Undeniably these four musicians know everything about jazz music of the 1950s and 1960s and its development, but they bring the music right up-to-date with their personal input.
The rough sound of saxophonist Sigrun Jording is wickedly infectious as well as beautiful.
The worst thing in a review is comparing musicians to other musicians, but this kind of music screams for recognition, finding out about a certain time in the development of jazz. Therefore, I think that I give a compliment when I say I hear sometimes a shot of Ben Webster and certainly in the third piece I hear a touch of Sonny Rollins.
And what a treat she has behind her! The richness of the backing rhythm section is pure pleasure. Listening to this music I cannot help thinking of the Bill Evans Trio in New York in 1961 (Sunday at the Village Vanguard) in which the most exciting piano-trio music ever was promoted. In fact the rhythm section, which backs Sigrun Jording reproduces the feeling of that trio. Bassist (Tjitze Vogel) can be transformed into Scott Lafaro with next to him (Thijs Borsten) Bill Evans and indeed…Paul Motian.

From time to time the quartet swings really incredibly hot! On these recordings Sigrun Jording is a real “Blower”, Wow! I hear hip and close playing………such a great pianist!
Good to know that there are still musicians who sift through this material. They are no boppers, because we live in a different time now, yet the huge commitment makes them what this quartet is now.
I’m impressed, I know I will enjoy this cd for a long time, and I ‘m looking forward to experience one of their live performances.
Jasper van ‘t Hof


“ This is jazz as jazz is supposed to be, a joy for the reaal jazz lover. “
NTB- CD-recensies 2013


“This music is exciting!”
Frank Jochemsen, radio 6


Saxophonist Sigrun Jording is one of the most talented women in jazz. The fact that she is quite unknown is rather shameful.
Tom Beets, Jazz Flits 22 July 2013


“Sigrun Jording demonstrates the many sides of her composing talent. Her range goes from traditional jazz through to latin, funk, pop-like jazz, even to world music with Turkish sounds.
As soloist as well as composer her capacity lies in melody and harmony, both of which have been developed greatly in the last years.”
Henk Sprenger, guitarist and docent at the conservatory in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

“The Sigrun Jording Ensemble certainly deserves a place on the major leading festivals in the world!”
Alexander Beets, director of the ‘JazzNL’ foundation

“Sigrun Jording is a wonderful saxophone player from Holland and leads the quartet with élan and grace that is unmatchable.”
Anoop Negi, music journalist


“The Sigrun Jording Ensemble delivers superior quality music and entertainment while interacting with everyone present, making it a personal and intimate experience.”
The Herald, largest English news of Goa/India


“In a musical world influenced by everything from it’s past and confused about it’s future you have created an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold…”
Janice Wigglesworth, California/USA