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Sigrun Jording Ensemble live at 'Domicil' Dortmund Germany 8 nov 2010

Sigrun Jording Ensemble

Inspired by many international experiences, tenor saxophonist Sigrun Jording takes her listeners on a musical journey. The atmosphere of this exploration is defined by her own compositions and is supported by interactive and surprising interplay with the band members.
The warm, broad tone of her saxophone and the improvisations built on the melodies show a complete musical personality.

Her personality shows a preference for traditional modern jazz, that together with influences from pop and world music let a new sound be heard.

Sigrun Jording’s energetic and direct art of playing is immediately appealing to the listener. The art of playing is free from superfluous airs, but is heartwarming, assured and relaxed.

The compositions of Sigrun Jording offer great freedom to the musicians in her ensemble. They whirl with effortless speed along original motives and sounds of jazz, world music and fusion. With boisterous energy and fantasy, these musicians explore exciting spheres and new sounds.

The solos overflow with new ideas and the joy of playing. They give the listener a feel of openness, a balance with a positive energetic drive. Together they dive into the core of the compositions. Surprises are always at hand in the open interaction between the musicians and the communication between the band and the audience.

The universal language of music is used for intercultural togetherness.

Many years of experience, not only as a performing artist, but also as a musical therapist and pedagogue have given Sigrun Jording a good understanding of the emotional content of music, which goes deeper in human understanding than any other art form.

With her personal experiences, her flexibility in style and eye for refined nuances Sigrun Jording knows how to easily form her own music into a complete authentic experience.

Line up:
Sigrun Jording: soprano- tenorsax
Thijs Borsten: piano
Tjijtze Vogel: double bas
Georges du Buy: drums